"Germans listen and care, they're just so passionate about rock music"

die kanadische post-hardcore/punk-rock band silverstein rockte am 13.10. das ausverkaufte e-werk in erlangen. wir haben vor der show mit sänger shane told gesprochen.

(c) Nadine
(c) Nadine

Hey Shane, how are you? How has the tour been so far?
Shane: It's been good! Tour's been great. We're doing a whole bunch of shows just in Germany which is a lot more than we ususally do. It's been nice to just be here for so long!

What's a MUST HAVE on tour for you guys?
Shane: Beer! Beer is essential. And, you know, it's always tough in Europe with the time difference and we want to keep in touch with your loved ones. So we're all trying to be loaded up with the right sim cards in our phones.

What's your favorite song of „Dead Reflection“ and why?
Shane: When we were working on the record and we finished the record, „Lost Positives“ was definitely my favorite. I was so excited that we were capable of making a song like that. I felt that it was very different for us – the way it sounded, the tones, but still faithful to ourselves. So that was my favorite for sure. And then on this tour we started plaiyng the song „The Afterglow“ which was definitely a favorite when we were working on the record. And now we just watch the crowd explode when we play that song. It's crazy. So this one definitely jumped to my favorite of the album. Just because live it comes off with so much energy!

What do you like about Germany?
Shane: I love the food. And the venues do a really good job of taking care of you. You get into the venue, they have all the nice food, they cook you dinner. It's very hospitable and Germany is a very comfortable place to tour. And of course the fans.. they're so passionate here. They know what songs we played last time, they know how many songs we played, they love comparing it all. They're really kinda nerdy about that stuff. I think that's cool! They listen.


Germans listen and Germans care, they're just so passionate about rock music.


They'll do anything for our band, the'll drive any distance. Some of our fans literally come to every show. We're playing 14 shows and they come to all of them. I don't know how this works but they're here every day, it's pretty crazy!

(c) Nadine
(c) Nadine

So you'd say that there's a difference between German/European show and shows in Canada/the USA?
Shane: Yeah, there definitely is! Every country and every city has kind of a different vibe and that's okay. We embrace the difference between places and cultures; and that's what keeps it interesting for us. We love the fact that we can play a song like „My Heroine“; we've played it so many times and everytime we play it something about it is different. Different venue, different country ,different people. It never gets old!

If you had a time machine – which century or year would you wanna travel back to and why?
Shane: Wow, that's heavy, that's deep. I'd be far more interested in going into the future. Think about what crazy stuff there would be! But no, I think.. that's such a hard question.. I would love to go back to the days of ancient Rome. The colosseum and all that, crazy stuff. That would be pretty awesome. It would be very interesting to see the different life and culture.

What are your personal TOP 3 records of all time?
Shane: It's always tough and it will change depending on any given day, what I feel like.. but a record that I always come back to is a record by an artist called Pedro the Lion. It's called „It's Hard To Finy A Friend“. It's actually his first record. For some reason I can listen to it when I'm sad, I can listen to it when I'm happy. I can get something out of it. I probably heard it when I was in my first year of university which was 17 years ago. Every time I listen to it over the years the lyrics take on a different meaning.
Another record I love is Frank Turner's „Love Ire & Song“. That record really speaks to me in a lot of ways too.
And the third record is by a band called Lifetime. The record is called „Jersey's Best Dancers“ and I just think it's a really great kind of punk rock record that got a lot of emotion and heart to it.

What would be the title of your autobiographie?
Shane: Umm.. „Lead Singer Syndrome“! I guess that works for me.

(c) Sarah
(c) Sarah

Club show or festival?
Shane: At the end of the day I'd say club show. If I really had to pick. When you play a club show everyone's there to see you. They're all your fans, they're the reason that you're able to do this. And don't get me wrong, festivals are great – especially German festivals. But you're playing.. and half of the people don't know who you are. It's fun, there are many people.. but for me playing a club show is the best feeling.

Country music or classical music?
Oh god.. I guess I'll go.. classical music. Because without classical music we wouldn't be here. I'm not a huge fan of country music.


Summer time or winter time?
Shane: Summer time! I hate winter! I'm from Canada, it's the worst, we have horrible winters!

Coffee or tea?
Shane: Funny you ask! I'm a huge coffee guy but I've had issues with acid reflux so I went to the doctor and she said that coffee could contribute to it. So I decided to stop drinking coffee. I haven't had coffee in three weeks! It feels way better. But I love coffee!

Ice Hockey or Swimming?
Shane: Ice Hockey, I'm Canadian!


And now I'd like you to draw something. What does Canada mean to you? What comes to your mind when you think of Canada?

Shane: Oh, I'm very bad at drawing. But I'll do my best.. this paper pretty much looks right. That's what Canada looks like - white as snow! Okay.. let's see...


Shanes Zeichnung
Shanes Zeichnung

Shane: So this represents a sad sun, can't do anything about the snowflakes. And me giving my money to the man, the government, while I'm watching hockey. That's Canada right there!

Great! Thank you very much!
Shane: Thank you!






(c) Sarah, Oktober 2017