von Sarah Weinberg | 16.09.2020

Mit "Panic" veröffentlichten FROM ASHES TO NEW am 28. August ihr drittes Album via Better Noise Music. Im Interview spricht Sänger Matt unter anderem über die neue Platte und die musikalischen Einflüsse der Band.

Foto: (c) Travis Shinn
Foto: (c) Travis Shinn

Nach zahlreichen internen Veränderungen sind FROM ASHES TO NEW nun dort angekommen, wo sie immer sein wollten. Auch das letzte Album "The Future" (2018) wurde in dieser Besetzung geschrieben und produziert. Sänger Matt sagt zur aktuellen Konstellation der Band:  "Wir wissen jetzt, was unsere Vision ist und was wir tun wollen und sind daher in der Lage, all das dank der vorhandenen Struktur auf diesem Album auch wirklich zu erreichen".


Die Jungs aus Pennsylvania sind auf "Panic" ihrem Stil treu geblieben, haben sich nach eigener Aussage jedoch sowohl lyrisch als auch musikalisch noch einen Schritt weiterentwickelt. Mit ihrer Mischung aus Hip Hop, Metal, Rock und elektronischen Elementen haben FROM ASHES TO NEW elf persönliche, dynamische und melodische Songs geschaffen.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for answering some questions for us and congratulations on your new album “Panic!” – How are you guys doing these days?

Matt: We are doing as best as can be during these strange times.. We feel bad about all the people that are hurting or are stressed out.


Describe your band with three words!

Matt: Ready, willing & able


What is the main message on your new record?

Matt: The main message is Panic. We are all feeling the anxiety in everything we do. In every breath in all waking moments.


Is there a certain song on your new album that is really special to you or means the most out of all the songs?

Matt: PANIC because it describes everything I've experienced in my life in the last two years.


Please give us some insights of the production of your new album. Where was the album recorded? And did you work with any other musicians / producers?

Matt: We made the record in Los Angeles with Colin Brittain ( A Day to Remember and Papa Roach) and Erik Ron (Godsmack). It was summer of 2019 and life was simpler. Masks were only for Halloween or robbing a bank.. It was the first time we recorded away from our homes.

What are the most important things in life for you – besides music?

Matt: Family and Philadelphia Eagles Football


What are you thankful for in life?

Matt: My family and friends having their health at this time


If your band consisted of animals, which animals would you all be?

Matt: I’d be a turtle, Danny a zebra, Lance a Lynx and Matt Madiro a chimpanzee (with all due respect)


Imagine: You’re hosting a festival. Which three headliner bands would you book for the festival?

Matt: Linkin Park, Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly


Which records still inspire you to this day?

Matt: Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP and Linkin Park - Meteora


Please complete the following sentences:

  • The most embarrassing moment on stage was… falling off the stage in Minnesota into a pile of slushy snow/ice.. (the floor was over the hockey ice rink).
  • The worst song that could get stuck in your head is… What Does the Fox say?
  • Right after a show we usually… change clothes and head to the merch table to see our fans and friends.
  • If we were a country music band, our name would be… From asses to nudes.
  • When we think of Germany, we think of… long days early sunrises. Hotel blinds that don’t work and amazing fans of ROCK music.


Your last message to the readers out there?

We can't wait to see the friends and fans up close in Germany as soon as the smoke clears... von der Asche zum Neuen!