"Our main message is: never give up!"

Am 20. April erschien das neue From Ashes To New Album "The Future". Wir haben Sänger und Gitarrist Matt ein paar Fragen zu Band, Album und Deutschland gestellt.

Foto: Graham Fielder
Foto: Graham Fielder

Hey guys, how are you doing?

Matt: We are doing great! The new record is out and we are receiving amazing feedback. Busy times ahead! 


What’s the meaning behind the title of  the album “The Future”?

Matt: As with everything we do, it holds multiple meanings. The biggest meaning is knowing that we should let go of our past and focus on what lies ahead. The future is very important to us as a species, so we should use our past to learn and help shape it. 


And the message behind your new single “Crazy”? 

Matt: There are many times in life that we have something that is not good for us, but we continue going back to it. The song tells the story about how situations like this drive us crazy. 


Describe your band in 3 words!

Matt: Straight fucking fire! 


Which bands/musicians have influenced the style (sound and lyrics) of “The Future”?

Matt: This list could go for days, but I’ll try to keep it short. For me, I’m influenced a lot by; Eminem, Breaking Benjamin, Of Mice & Men, Linkin Park, and a ton of other artists from other genres. 


Is there a city you would love to play in? – if so, why this city?

Matt: I would love to play any city in Australia. We have been all over the world, but we are yet to visit Australia. 


Do you have plans for a European tour? Any chance to see you in Germany soon?

Matt: We don’t have anything planned at the moment, but we are hopeful that we will add something soon. Germany is a very big fan base of ours, so we cannot wait to come back! 


Which is your favorite song of the new album? And why?

Matt: They all have a special place in my heart, but if I was forced to pick I would have to say it’s a tie between My Name and The Future. I’m incredibly proud of my raps on both of these songs. My Name holds very deep personal meaning to me and the struggles throughout my life and The Future describes how I feel about things moving forward. My son and his friends are also a part of The Future, so that’s a very proud moment for me. 


Talk to me about the lyrics. Which is the main message? Do you think this album is the perfect example of who you are today?

Matt: There are many messages, but our main message is never give up. Keep fighting whatever battle you are in today because it’s giving you strength for the future. Adversity is what helps shape our character and gives us the ability to build a better future for our youth. 


A quick message for your german fans?

Matt: We sincerely appreciate all of the love Germany has shown us over the years. It’s only a matter of time before we come back and we cannot wait! Keep being you and hopefully we’ll see you soon! 



(c) Sarah, April 2018