"Our album 'Always Loose' is symbolic of the journey that life throws on you"

The Gospel Youth - das sind Sam, Julian, Ken und Kurtis; eine 2014 gegründete britische Rock/Pop Band. Seitdem standen sie unter anderem mit Bands wie "We Are The Ocean", "Mallory Knox", "Deaf Havana" und "Hands Like Houses" auf der Bühne. 

Mitte Juli diesen Jahres veröffentlichten die Jungs ihr Debütalbum - "Always Lose". Ein starkes, facettenreiches Rock/Pop Album.


Wir haben Frontmann Sam ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Hey guys – thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. How are you doing these days?

Sam: We're very good, thanks for asking! Just enjoying some downtime after the summer's touring schedule and getting ourselves ready to attack 2018.


Your debut album “Always Lose” was released a few months ago. What does this record mean to you? And is there any message you want people to know/realize when they listen to this record?

Sam: "Always Lose" for us is symbolic of the journey that life throws you on. It's got a little bit of everything. The sad parts, the empowering parts and the reflection on yourself as a person. We wanted to embody how sometimes life gets to you but you always see the silver linings and nothings ever as bad as it seems.


What is your favorite song off the record? Or top 3?

Sam: I think it changes a lot for us. When the record first came out it was Moods Like English Weather but as time has gone on, I think Gin & Black Coffee has taken the lead. Or maybe I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies. Haha It's difficult. We love every track on that album.


Are there any bands / artists you’d love to collaborate with?

Sam: We'd love to work with Alan Day from Four Year Strong or Caleb from Beartooth. We met John Feldman this summer and he was keen to do something, I think we lost our minds a little at that. He's responsible for a lot of records we grew up with. 


What are your plans for 2018?

Sam: Tour, write, not die? Haha. We just wanna keep doing what we do and keep having fun with it. We've got a few tours lined up in the spring that are up there for us and we've started to mess around demo ideas for the next chapter. I guess we'll see what unfolds.




(c) Sarah, Dezember 2017