Interview: BONY MACARONI - "I hope the album resonates with people whenever this fucked up world is letting them down"

von Alisa Knoll | 8. April 2023

Die niederländische Band BONY MACARONI veröffentlichte kürzlich (31.03.2023) ihr Debütalbum über Redfield Records. Auf THE BIG BUCKS schildern sie anhand der tiefgründigen Texte ihre individuellen Erfahrungen. Außerdem wird auf dem Album der Kapitalismus und fehlendes Geld thematisiert; aber auch das Gefühl, dass das (eigene) Leben bedeutungslos scheint, wenn alles um einen herum zerfällt. Das Ganze wird dann durch die typischen Emo-Punk-Rock Elemente untermalt, sodass die Songs zum Bewegen und Mitsingen einladen und im Ohr bleiben.

Im nachfolgenden Interview haben wir mit Sänger und Songwriter Stefan über das Album inklusive Entstehungsprozess, Zeitreisen und unbegrenztes Bühnenbudget gesprochen.

Foto: (c) Wout van Heck |
Foto: (c) Wout van Heck |

Hi Stefan, nice to meet you this way. How are you?

Stefan: I am doing SO well!


Your debut album is out now. Can you describe the feeling?

Stefan: It feels fantastic! It has been a long process to write, record and release, so it feels awesome to share it now.


How would you describe the record using three words?

Stefan: anti-capitalist emo pop (if the 1st one counts as one word)

Was there anything difficult about the process? Were there any challenges?

Stefan: I usually am veeery slow with writing songs, because I want every single line to say exactly what I want it to say. I also always need it to flow well with the melody. So I spent many nights puzzling haha!


What was the most fun part during writing or recording?
Stefan: So our intro track was basically a one-taker that we recorded late at night after a long day of tracking drums and after a couple of beers, and it was soooo fun to record! Also, I really enjoy recording group vocals together. That is usually the moments songs really come together in this climactic moment.


Can you tell us something about the cover art, who created it and what was the idea behind it? 

Stefan: The illustration was done by Mvttys, an Amsterdam-based tattoo artist. I have a couple of pieces by him and we liked that he did this big and messy hand drawn stuff where a lot of stuff is happening. The cover art is a caricature of our society, where the rich profit from the exploitation and annihilation of our people, communities, and ecosystems.

What else connects you and the band, besides the love for music?

Stefan: Most of us grew up in the same small towns, but we are all very good friends too ❤️


Which moment is the best to listen to "The Big Bucks"?

Stefan: ANY TIME!!! Haha idk, I hope the album resonates with people whenever this fucked up world is letting them down.


We saw your skate video on instagram – Are you guys skateboard pros now? Or is there already a new hobby you wanna learn?

Stefan: Oh god, my foot still has not healed. It was really bad hahaha. I do want to learn, but it also feels like I’ve missed the boat. Jeroen is an electro-engineer and he built the guitar pedals that we released (The Big Buzz). I’d like to be able to do that as well, I might try to learn!

Please finish the following sentences:

• If Bony Macaroni were a pasta dish, it wouldn't be macaroni, it would be:
 > Lasagna! Complex and layered hahahaha

• If we had unlimited stage budget, we would:
> Have these huge cannons that shoot money all night. You said UNLIMITED so we are making everybody rich baby! We would tour the world and it would be the greatest humanitarian project that ever existed!!!

• If we could time travel, we would go to:
> Do the cliché thing and make sure Hitler does get into art school?