"Looking forward to everything that is coming up this year"

Ross, Fraser, Loius und Finlay - diese vier Jungs bilden das Rockquartett "Cold Years" aus Schottland. Anfang März erscheint die neue EP "Northern Blue"; eine vielversprechende Platte mit einem Mix aus Blues, Rock'n'Roll und Punk. Wir haben Sänger Ross ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Quelle: Homebound Records / Cold Years
Quelle: Homebound Records / Cold Years

Hello guys – how are you doing these days?

Good! Looking forward to everything that is coming up this year.


What’s your personal favorite song of your new EP “Northern Blue” and why? 

I would say Seasons. It’s great fun to play live, and for me it’s one of the song that stands out to me on the record.


Is there a special city you’ve always wanted to play in? 

Can’t wait to go back to Hamburg, probably because it’s my favorite place on earth. 


What’s your favorite thing about your home country Scotland? 

Not the weather! Probably the scenery. It’s beautiful once you get of the cities. 


Which superpowers would you like to have – and why? 

Flying, and probably never being cold. I hate being cold.


If you had a time machine to the past – which year / time would you wanna travel back to and why?

1969 – Jimi Hendrix – Woodstock – nothing else needs to be said.


Your wishes and plans for 2018?

- To play as many shows in as many places as possible, meet new people on the way.

- Hope that everyone likes the record…

- Write another record!






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