"Abrasive, melodic, and loud!"

Yukon Era sind eine Post-Punk Band aus Auckland, Neuseeland. Anfang Juni veröffentlichten die Jungs ihre neue Single "Feel". Gitarrist Lachie Thurlow hat uns ein paar Fragen beantwortet.

Quelle: Impressive PR
Quelle: Impressive PR

Hello guys. Thank you for answering some questions for us. You released your current single “Feel” in February. What’s the meaning behind the song? 

Lachie: Hello! Our pleasure. Christian wrote ‘Feel’ about the inability to feel anything due to the constant judgement he was putting on himself and from some others in his life, leading to this numb state of mind. 


Describe your band with three words!

Lachie: Abrasive, melodic, and loud.


How would you describe your style of music and your musical influence to the readers?

Lachie: Well we usually tell people that it’s post-punk music. We all listen to quite a broad spectrum of music. Everything from bands like Women, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Palm, to rappers/RNB artists like Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, A Tribe Called Quest, you get it. I’m personally really into house music, and hip hop at the moment. Oh and we can’t forget IDLES! They’re the best band in the world at the moment.


What do you love about New Zealand?

Lachie: I like New Zealand because it’s been a great place to grow up and develop our respective crafts. It’s a very laid back country, which can be a bit 50/50. It can work well in the fact that it’s a small country, so it doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes here and there. But at the same time, because the culture is quite relaxed, people can lack in motivation to follow their dreams, and can get stuck down in a country at the bottom of the world. But yeah, It’s a nice place to live, especially if you spend a lot time travelling. It’s a great place to call a home base.


Is there a city / country you dream of playing in?

Lachie: We’re pretty lucky that we have the ability to play outside our home country, wherever it is! But to be picky, Japan, Russia, Germany, and Prague are all on my hit list. I feel like Russia would be especially crazy.


Your plans for the next months?

Lachie: We’ve got some new stuff rolling out, a few more shows here and there, and then after about August or so it’s looking like we’re going to be busy!


What do you know about Germany – and why do you want to play here one day?

Lachie: I went to Berlin last year and almost got kidnaped, but other than that I thought it was amazing! The music culture over there is a lot different to ours, so I thought that was really interesting. Of course we want to play in Germany! That would be a dream! I love playing shows in places we haven’t before, and especially cities that none of us have ever been to. 


A last message to the readers?

Lachie: Thank you for reading, tell your friends, and be kind to one another! 




(c) Sarah, Juni 2018