Foto: Justin Jesso /
Foto: Justin Jesso /

Hey there Justin, thank you for taking some time do answer a few questions. How are you doing at the moment?

I’m good! In bed in Berlin, just waking up. Excited for the Berlin headline show tonight!!


You’re currently on tour, playing in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Zürich, Utrecht… What does Europe mean to you? Do you have a different feeling being in Europe compared to being back home in the US?

I love Europe. I feel like people here really appreciate music. It’s a great vibe and always a great crowd. I miss home sometimes (I wish I could take my dog Elvis on the road with me) but I love being in different countries and playing my music. Just recently, I was lucky to play shows in Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland and several cities in Germany. I am so grateful I get to do this.


Most people probably know you from your song “Stargazing”, that you wrote and produced with Kygo. What does this song and the positive feedback after still mean to you?

I love the song. It’s funny I thought I’d get tired of singing it after a couple years but I haven’t. This song feels like coming home to me. It seems to have touched so many people in positive ways, and being on the road allows me to meet those people, which is awesome. I want to share with you a message from someone who came to my Munich show from a girl named Laura:

“I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you not only as a artist, but only as the person who you are. For your authenticity, honesty and your credibility. You are an artist who has an story to tell and makes your fandom a part of it. This is something really rare to find nowadays. It‘s always how you make people feel, what you have to tell and to leave people better off as you‘ve found them. My parents were also musicians, unfortunately I lost them due to cancer 1 year ago. When I listen to stargazing, I always remember my mum singing it, always remembering the happy time we had back then." Getting messages like this is why I do it. I am so grateful the song means something to people.