"I can't wait 'til tomorrow when I look at the shadow!"

Marc Salvador ist in der Schweiz geboren und hat spanische Wurzeln. Mitte Mai erschien seine erste Single "Shadow". Über zehn Jahre lang war er Teil der Band "FUN SKIDER", nun setzt er den Startschuss für seine Solo Karriere.

Quelle: Guerilla Music Promotion
Quelle: Guerilla Music Promotion

Hey Marc! We hope you are doing good – your debut Single “Shadow” was released back in May – how has the feedback been so far?

Positive feedbacks received so far from the press and artists scenes. The US music magazine Earmilk did a video premiere for the single and the views on Youtube reached more than 500k views after a couple of weeks only!


What’s the song about?

The song is about the positive symbolic of our shadow which is sort of an appeal from our dreams. Our shadow is basically our other dreamy life which we could realize at one point if we would follow this dreamy path. Of course, social constraints are the obstacles for our shadow to become our actual person but we can always take a different path and follow our dreams.


Tell us about your favorite artist(s) and / or the artist(s) that inspire(s) you the most.

Beck is my favorite artist. He is representing the best combination between quality song writing, innovation and independency towards the trends.


If you could travel back in time – in which time / decade would you wanna travel and why?

I think my favorite year is 1848. Because this is (at least for Switzerland and other European countries) the starting point of our current modern life. It would have been exciting to live at that time to see and understand in a simplified way the (early) strengths and weaknesses of our modern society which are so difficult to get nowadays due to the complexity of our current system.


What’s your favorite book ever – and why?

“Voyage au bout de la nuit” of Céline. The use of the words and description are just perfect. I found this impressive and very inspiring for my song writing and the use I could do from notes.


You’re on a desert island and you’re only allowed to have three records with you – which ones would you choose?

The first record would be “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (Phoenix). I was amazed by the power of the songs and especially the drums. For the second record I would go with “Hurry up, we’re dreaming” (M83). This is the perfect album to dream and if this trip on a desert island is with your lover then it’s the perfect romantic sound surrounding. The third album would be for difficult times : “Life is peachy” (Korn). I could use this album in case of a storm in the island kicks in to give me fighting spirit to go through this…


Talking about islands.. is there an island, a specific city or country you would love to play in? And why?

With my music style, I would say Los Angeles and more specifically Santa Monica. My music is basically inspired by the sun and the bright light, so I guess such landscape would fit in!


What can we expect from you in the following months?

Shadow is the first part of a trilogy of singles/video clips. We could use the concept of “tringles” in this case, right? I am heading to Barcelona beginning of July to record the second single “Flashbacks”. This song will be more 80s with a more prominent role of synthesizers. A combination between M83 and The Human League.


A last message to the readers?

My philosophy is to bring quality art deliverables for you guys to enjoy music and visuals as much as possible. Hope that you will recognize this in my work. Cheers!



(c) Sarah, Juli 2018