Quelle: Simon Annsofidotter
Quelle: Simon Annsofidotter

Skuggorna Bakom Oss ist ein electro-rock / alternative-pop Duo aus Stockholm, Schweden. Der Name bedeutet „Die Schatten hinter uns“. Gründer und Mitglieder der Band sind die zwei Freunde Fred Andersson und Jokke Dahlström. Im März 2017 veröffentlichten sie das Video zu ihrer ersten Single „Rakt in i Solen“; Musik schreiben sie allerdings schon seit 2015 zusammen. Das besondere: sie singen in ihrer Muttersprache schwedisch. Zur Zeit treffen die Jungs alle Vorbereitungen für ihre Live-Shows in Schweden. Abgesehen von der Musik arbeiten die beiden an einem Podcast, der seit einigen Tagen on Air ist. Es ist eine Late-night Radioshow über Kreativität, Kultur, Kunst und vor allem Musik.


"Genom en stad som växer mot himlen

Radion spelar en skottsäker melodi

Vi tar en taxi rakt in i solen

Och ser hela kosmos flimra förbi"

(In einer Stadt, die zum Himmel wächst, spielt das Radio eine kugelsichere Melodie. Wir nehmen ein Taxi zur Sonne und sehen den ganzen Kosmos vorbeiblitzen)



Quelle: Simon Annsofidotter || "RAKT IN I SOLEN"
Quelle: Simon Annsofidotter || "RAKT IN I SOLEN"

Your name „Skuggorna Bakom Oss“ means „The Shadows Behind Us“ - how did you come up with this name and what does it mean to you?

Fred: We had been sitting in Jokke's apartment for a whole day trying to make sense of a new song we had. With the curtains down, we strummed the same four chords over and over and sang the same line of words for hours and hours. When the song finally could walk by itself we went outside. It was late afternoon, early May and the sun was still shining. As we walked down the street with the light in our eyes we noticed our shadows falling behind us. It just made perfect sense at that point what this thing was all about.


What has been crucial for the decision of singing in Swedish?

Jokke: It’s somehow easier to hide, to become someone else in another language. We didn’t want to do that. We wanted this whole thing, whatever it is, to be completely honest. And we found out that it’s perfectly possible to write and sing rock lyrics in swedish. In fact, it’s more of an adventure because the language has not yet been exploited and there’s so much left to discover. It’s like arriving at a new continent.


What are your next plans?

Fred: There’s so much we want to do! First up we gonna release the new single together with NewBoy Records, a great new indie label who understands exactly what we want to do. And we gonna play as many shows as possible! We are constantly writing and there's a lot of music waiting to be recorded and released. But we're taking it step by step from here. Whatever feels like the right thing to do, an EP or an album, maybe both.


Are you planning on playing shows in other countries in the future as well or do you only focus on Sweden?

Jokke: We actually sent some of our early songs to friends in Germany, just to let them know what we were up to. We wanna do music for everybody and would love to do some German dates! We just gonna work our way thru Scandinavia then hop on a ferry. First we take Stockholm, then we take Berlin.



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