Am 6. April erscheint das neue Album "Silent Killer" der schwedischen Hard Rock Band "Mustasch". Wir haben Sänger Ralf ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Quelle: Sony Music
Quelle: Sony Music

Your new record "Silent Killer" will be out in April – how has the process of recording been this time?

Happy and easy!


What's different about "Silent Killer" compared to your previous records?

This was the easiest and happiest recording ever so far. Different producers requiers different sounds but the style always remains the same!


Your personal favorite song out of all the songs you've ever written – and why?

Impossible question! Do you have kids? Which one is your favorite?


What's the message of "Silent Killer"?

Stuff that happens in our lifes, broken promises, traffic jams, idiots you meet everyday, und so weiter und so weiter!


If you had to live on a desert island – which book and which record would you take with you?

The book ”how to survive on a desert island” and the record Beatles - white album.


Which superpowers would you like to have?

Drink alcohol and not get drunk.


Is there something / a message you wanna give to the people out there?

Amnesty, justice, responsibility! Thanks / Ralf





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