"We met death, and turned away"

Cane Hill veröffentlichten am 19. Januar ihr zweites Studioalbum "Too Far Gone". Eine Platte voller Power und Energie. Handgemachter Metal vom feinsten! Wir haben Sänger Elijah Witt ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Foto: Anna Lee Media
Foto: Anna Lee Media

How have the first reactions to your new album “Too Far Gone” been?

They’ve surpassed all of our expectations honestly. We’ve not gotten this positive of a response in our entire careers. I figure we’ve done something right this time. 


What’s the main message of “Too Far Gone”?

You, your consciousness, and your body all have their limits. SMILE was all about pushing those limits and Too Far Gone is what we’ve figured out about ourselves and the world that surrounds us while we were living what we preached. We met death, and turned away. 

We realized the trip that is your life has a definitive end, and you can’t escape it or avoid it, it will happen when it decides to. So we decided to stop chasing it, and to focus on being the best we can be as people, musicians, artists, family members, etc. 


What’s your personal favorite song of the new record – regarding to the lyrics - and why?

My favorite is definitely “Why?”. Lyrically it’s a freeze frame from a point in me and James’ romantic lives. He was going through the motions of losing someone he loved and desperately wanting it back, and I had just found someone who showed me a different side of myself and made me feel whole. So it’s he juxtaposition those exact polarized feelings. 


Which song are you looking forward to play live the most and why?

Probably Sleeping in the Swamp or Why? because we’ll get to finally present a different side of ourselves in a live atmosphere we haven’t done yet. 


What’s your dream country to play in?

Brazil since they seem to love shows so damn much. 


Your plans and wishes for 2018?

To play good shows and enjoy doin it. That’s as simple as it gets. 


Classical or country music?

Classical is good in almost any situation

Club shows or festivals?


Online streaming or record player?


Beer or whiskey?

Red Bull 






(c) Sarah, Februar 2018