Von Alisa Knoll | 30. April 2021

Das Musiker Duo namens "prettyboys" aus Montreal, Kanada, hat einen einzigartigen Sound, der uns sofort überzeugte und in ihren Bann zog. Ihnen gelingt es, die verschiedensten melancholischen und emotionale Stimmungen einzufangen, zu beschreiben und in ihren Songs Ausdruck zu verleihen.

Foto: (c)
Foto: (c)

Heute erscheint der erste Teil ihres neuen zweiseitigen Albums namens "WINTER HOOKUP" - wir hatten die Möglichkeit im Interview mit Loïc & Dominic über den neuen Sound des Albums, ihre Inspiration, Kritiker:innen und vieles mehr zu sprechen.

Old Vinyl: Hi guys, nice to talk to you this way. How are you?

prettyboys: Nice to talk to you too, we are doing great. No more snow, and the sun’s starting to come out, we’re feeling the summertime nearby! You?

Old Vinyl: I'm doing good, thank you!


Old Vinyl: Can you describe ‚prettyboys‘ in four words?

prettyboys: Unique, interesting and lover boys.


Old Vinyl: Can you tell us something about the sound of "WINTER HOOKUPS" and what it is about?

prettyboys: "WINTER HOOKUPS’" is an album with 2 sides, the side A will be out on april 30th and the side B will be released next winter! Basically, we are from Montreal, where the winter times kick in quite good on our moral and on the relations we tend to have. Therefore, the sound around the album is mainly ambient, airy and close to our feelings. We tend to write more personal stuff during this period which brings out a more intimate sounding and closer proximity to our thoughts.

Old Vinyl: Who inspires you?

prettyboys: We are highly inspired by Dominic Fike, Role Model and any artists that reach our emotions and tells a story in their songs.


Old Vinyl: Who is your biggest critic?

prettyboys: Ourselves, we really want to put out what we think is the best we can do at a certain time in our lives. Nothing will go out if we think it’s mediocre or if it doesn't fit what we’re feeling at the moment.


Old Vinyl: Can you describe the process of writing and producing a song?

prettyboys: We always start the production with what comes in mind, could be a guitar riff or a good chord progression. Then goes the drums and the fillers that gives the groove or the ambiance. For the writing part, we are pretty quick with the melodies, if nothing comes up we mostly change beats until we find something catchy to write to!

Old Vinyl: What is your favorit music to listen to while being on the road?

prettyboys: It varies a lot, can go from rap to r&b to house music! But we really like anything that’s melodic and rhythmic.


Old Vinyl: Is there any instrument you would like to play?

prettyboys: I would love to play the Saxophone and be an expert with some jazz groove, it would be awesome!


Old Vinyl: I really like the vibe of your artwork, visuals and music(videos). Where do your ideas come from?

prettyboys: We mainly get the ideas from the music we make, so if it’s a love album, we’ll make something that fits the emotions around it and then find good visuals that can match the atmosphere. Finally, with the visuals, we mainly use them to create the artwork and the canvas for the platforms. In the end, everything comes from the music!