"We try to motivate our fans to follow their dreams!"

SINPLUS sind ein Alternative-Pop Duo aus der Schweiz. Im April erschien ihre neue Single "Dreams". Neben der Musik engagieren sich die beiden auch für die Hilfsorganisation "War Child". Diese setzt sich für Kinder in Not ein. Im Juli spielen SINPLUS ein Charity Konzert in London und wollen damit ein Statement setzen.

Quelle: Guerilla Music Promotion
Quelle: Guerilla Music Promotion

Hello guys – how are you doing?

We are doing great, thanks for having us!! About to tour the UK and we can’t wait!


Describe your band in three words!

This is a very tricky question, since we like to experiment with different sounds. But we love melodies and that’s what we try to include in each song along with a modern sound and positive message. So we’d say

Melodic modern pop/rock (OK, we cheated it’s four hehe...).


Three artists / bands that inspire you?

U2, Muse and Imagine Dragons


What was the most memorable show you’ve ever played?

We love being on stage and we had some incredible nights. But I’d say opening for Roxette at Moon&Stars. We were in our hometown in front of 12000. It was insane!!


You released your current Single „Dreams“ in April – what is the song about?

Dreams is an anthem of hope... Have you ever felt like you had enough of a certain situation? Like you need to totally change your life? That’s what “Dreams” is about... We try to talk directly to this person who is living in tough situation and try to get out of it, making a drastic change. Even if you don’t know what your life is gonna be, you risk everything and start from scratches. We try to motivate our fans to follow their dreams, no matter how far you have to go. It’s epic. Nobody is gonna make it for you. You have to make that change!! The opening line of the song hits you in the face “Let’s say you’re gonna die today, what have you done until now?”.


If you had a time machine to see any band/artist who already passed – who would it be?

Gabriel: That’s a pretty interesting questions and my brother and I actually had a long discussing about this sometime ago... And my final answer is Bob Marley. (Our mom even got the chance to see him!!)

Ivan: Well... there are so many legends... Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, MJ,... But as a guitarist I must say Jimmy Hendrix.


What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We got some exciting times ahead. We are gonna leave this summer for a UK tour. First time for us playing there. We will have fantastic dates as the legendary Isle Of Wight Festival for its 50th anniversary.

Along with “Dreams” we also just released a new song for the FIFA World Cup since we are big fans. A new single will be ready for autumn. In the meanwhile we will be touring during summer when we are back from the UK and a club tour for autumn is in the makings... We will probably stop in Germany as well!




(c) Sarah, Juni 2018