"I love playing Germany!"

Am 15.6. erscheint das neue MAYDAY PARADE Album "Sunnyland" via Rise Records. Wir haben im Vorfeld Bassist und Sänger Jeremy Lenzo ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Foto: Anna Lee Media
Foto: Anna Lee Media

Hello guys, thank you for answering some questions. How are you doing?

Jeremy: Doing great! Currently in the UK getting ready for download festival, and then in a couple weeks we will be heading out to meet up with warped tour in the US.


Your current Single “It's Hard To Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated By Bolts Of Lightning" came out last week. Is there a reason why you decided to choose this long title and - what is the song about?

Jeremy: The song title is actually a line from the Calvin and Hobbs comic strips. We have used a few Calvin and Hobbs lines before, so it’s becoming sort of a tradition. The song itself is roughly about our displeasure with Trump and the how the US elections went.


You worked with John Feldmann and Howard Benson on your new record Sunnyland – how was working with them, what inspired you about cooperating with them?

Jeremy: We wanted to try working with some new producers, I’m not sure who brought them up in particular, but we all thought it would be a good leaning experience to see how some of the bigger producers worked. We definitely learned a lot. We also recorded some of the songs with our long time producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount.


The title of the record is “Sunnyland” – what’s the meaning behind it?

Jeremy: The title comes from an old abandoned hospital all of us used to sneak into back in high school. We had good memories from there, so it’s sort of a youthful reminder to us.


You’ve been a band for over 10 years now, which is quite a while – what are the main reasons that always motivated you to keep doing what you’re doing?

Jeremy: We love doing what we do, that is probably the main thing that keeps us going. We get so much pleasure from writing and playing for an audience and seeing our songs help people when they are going through rough times. It is a very rewarding career in many ways.


What are your personal TOP releases in 2018 so far?

Jeremy: To be honest I don’t keep up with releases as much as I should. I know Real Friends has a record coming out I’m interested to hear, and I think State Champs has a record coming out that I’m sure will be great.


What do you think of Germany? How do you like it here? Is your German “fanbase” different compared to other countries?

Jeremy: I love playing Germany. I’m not sure if the fan base is different necessarily, but there does seems to be something that sets it apart from other countries. The first time we played Germany I got to meet a lot of great people that I still keep in touch with every time we come back.


A last message to the readers?

Jeremy: If you’re a fan our music, I just want to thank you for all your support and thank you for sticking with us these past ten years. Stay safe, be good to one another.




(c) Sarah, Juni 2018