Ende Januar veröffentlichte die australische Punk-Rock Band PRESS CLUB ihr Debütalbum "Late Teens". In ihrer Heimat zählen PRESS CLUB schon jetzt zu einer der angesagtesten Newcomerbands des LandesBandmitglied Greg Rietwyk hat uns ein paar Fragen beantwortet.


Quelle: Starkult Promotion / PRESS CLUB
Quelle: Starkult Promotion / PRESS CLUB

Hey there! Thank you for taking some time to answer our questions. How are you doing? How has the release of your first album been feeling so far? How has the feedback been so far?

Greg: I'm great, thank you! We are so excited to have "Late Teens" out in Europe, the reception so far has been overwhelming to say the least. This is our debut album and something that we poured our heart and souls into, so we are really amazed that it is reaching audiences on the other side of the world.


You are from Australia and you're playing a tour here in Europe soon. What are you most excited about?

Greg: This will be the first trip ever to European soil for all of the band, so we are really looking forward to showing our new fans what our live show is all about. I'm particularly excited for the shows in Germany, we have been told that the scene over there is really into punk/rock bands. I'm also looking forward to eating my weight in all the finest European cheeses on offer.


Have you been to Europe / Germany before? Will you have time for some sightseeing too? - if yes, which places would you like to visit?

Greg: This will be our maiden voyage to Europe and Germany, our schedule is pretty tight but we definitely want to squeeze in some sightseeing in there if we can. I want to check out Monster Kabinett, Liquid Drom & Berliner Unterwelten in Berlin if we have the time.


Imagine: You're hosting your own festival. Which bands would you book as your festival headliner?

Greg: I would love to see Parquet Courts headline a festival hosted by Press Club. They haven't put a foot wrong and are constantly redefining themselves with each album. Following that would be Shame, and Idles. Both of these bands are redefining what punk means in 2019. I would also really like to see WAAX on the lineup. Amazing rock band from Brisbane, Australia. If you haven't checked them out, you need to do that right now!


What are your goals or wishes for 2019 as a band?

Greg: We are definitely checking some things off the wish-list by touring internationally this year, that was a big one for me personally. Would certainly like to see us on some summer Euro festivals and hopefully visiting Germany again later in the year. Would also like to release some new music in the near future!

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