der singer und songwriter aus den niederlanden ist ein riesen talent. im april erscheint sein neues album "burning desires". er war unter anderem  mit royal republic auf tour. wir haben tim ein paar fragen gestellt.

Quelle: Tim Vantol / Facebook
Quelle: Tim Vantol / Facebook

When did you start making music and what was your inspiration/reason to start?

TIM: I started when I was 15 years old, as I wasn’t doing any sports or any other free-time hobbies at that time, I wanted to learn something new, then I figured out my mom had an old guitar laying around somewhere, so that’s where it all started. Together with a friend, we were trying to figure out how it worked.

You will release your new album in April. How long did you work on creating this album and how was the process of writing and recording it?
TIM: Yeah indeed, it was a long journey (just like my other records) but I’ve started hitting the studio together with Adam Grahn (Royal Republic) in the beginning of 2016. I went into the studio with a bunch of songs (not enough) just written on the acoustic guitar and with vocals and together we would arrange everything around it. It took me a whole year to record this one, as I was touring in between so it was back in the studio when tour was over or when I was having some days off. It was pretty exhausting so the happier I am that it’s all finished.


Is there any musician/band you would like to collaborate/work with?

TIM: Oh probably to many to name, but the most important thing is that it is with someone that has the same thoughts and a good attitude. There should be a positive click.


How do you like Germany?
TIM: I love Germany, I’ve spent the last years mostly in Germany, for music I think it’s the best country that’s around. The crowds are always there on time to watch the support acts, always show their respect, the promoters are always treating us great. I love it.


What are your wishes and expectations for 2017?

TIM: I don’t have expectations, and I don’t mean that as if I don’t care, but we will just see. The most important thing is to hit the stage with a smile and go off stage with a smile, and enjoying the thing that we’re doing. I’m excited that the new album is coming out, and hopefully see the crowds grow a bit. I’m excited for the great festivals that we’re gonna do later this year. And also really excited to hit the Germany stages with the new record for a headline run in Fall.


If you had to live on a desert island and you were only allowed to take one album/record with you – which one would that be?
TIM: Avett Brothers - Emotionalism


What are your personal favorite artists/bands?
TIM: Again to many to name, but here are some: Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell, John Moreland, Donots, Bruce Springsteen, Damion suomi, Northcote, Ryan Adams, Against Me, The Menzingers etc. etc. etc.


Choose one:

Ice cream: chocolate or vanilla?

TIM: Probably Vanilla although I’m a big chocolate fan

Winter time or summer time?

Dogs or cats?

Festival or small club show?
TIM: I love playing festivals with the Band, but I love doing Pub Shows or support shows solo

im herbst ist er in deutschland auf grosser "burning desires tour".


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