Bakers Eddy - das sind Ciarann, Ian, Jamie und Alex. Das Punkrock Quartett aus Neuseeland veröffentlichte kürzlich sein neues Video zur Single "Good Decisions". Sänger und Gitarrist Ciarann hat uns ein paar Fragen beantwortet.

Quelle: Impressive PR
Quelle: Impressive PR

Hey there! How are you doing these days?

Ciarann: Amazing. Cloud 9.


Your EP came out in April, what is the message?

Ciarann: Kind of having a bit too much fun and making terrible life choices. We had just moved to Australia while writing the songs and we were all flating together for the first time so we went pretty feral for a while. That's the underlying theme. But amongst that we touch on social media paranoia and a shit boss.


Describe your band in 3 words.

Ciarann: Too much goon


How did you start making music and how did the band form?

Ciarann: We kind of did it for shits and gigs, we used to skate together at school and we were into the same music. Decided to start a band for a laugh, and we thought it might get us girlfriends. We always wrote our own songs though, that's how we learnt how to play music. We refused to cover songs for a long time. Bare in mind we were ripping off Green Day but they were our songs and that was cool.


What musicians inspired you throughout your career so far?

Ciarann: I mean for me personally Ruben and Kody Neilson ( the Mint Chicks, UMO ) have been an inspiration since i was a kid, I like the way Alex Turner uses words too. Every Artist I'm into inspire's me in some way I think. Currently though Survivor's Eye of the Tiger is inspiring the fuck out of us, it just came on the radio. It's turned our 10 hour drive into an event. Not so punishing.


Is there a band/Artist that you would love to colab with?

Ciarann: Who ever wrote Eye Of the Tiger by Survivor.


If you were a super hero, which power would you have?

Ciarann: Invisibility!


You guys played Munich a few weeks ago. How did you like Germany?

Ciarann: Germany was outstanding, you can drive fast, drink lots, they treat you very well. We were given a meat and cheese board for soundcheck for fuck sakes!


Last Message for the reader's?

Ciarann: We've got the music Video for Good Decisions out now- watch it! And we are going to be on the road for a wee while so get on it!



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