Interview: CHARLOTTE JANE – "The songs really represent my overall personal growth"

Von Sarah Weinberg | 18. August 2021

Sängerin und Musikerin Charlotte Jane wurde in Hull geboren, wo sie heute noch lebt. In der Stadt im Nordosten von England verliebte sich Charlotte schon früh in die Musik. In ihrer Kindheit besuchte sie Auftritte ihrer Großeltern, die als Soul-Duo unterwegs waren. Irgendwann stand die musikbegeisterte Sängerin auch mit ihnen auf der Bühne und es dauerte nicht lange, bis die Menschen um sie herum auf ihr Talent aufmerksam wurden.


Nach einem Treffen mit dem internationalen Hit-Produzenten Toby Gad (Beyoncé, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Fergie) erhielt sie ein Angebot für einen Verlags-Deal. Im April 2021 veröffentlichte Charlotte Jane ihre neueste EP "Refuge" via RCA/Sony Music. Wir haben der Sängerin aus England im Interview unter anderem ein paar Fragen zu ihrer Musik und ihrer Inspiration gestellt.

Foto: (c) Lennon Gregory | @lennon_gregory
Foto: (c) Lennon Gregory | @lennon_gregory

Old Vinyl: Hey Charlotte! It’s nice to meet you, thank you for answering some questions for us. First of all, how are you doing at the moment?

Charlotte Jane: Hey! Thanks for having me. I’m doing ok, it’s definitely continuing to be a strange time adjusting to things gradually getting back to ‘normal’ but I’m just so glad that I can hug my friends and family again to be honest!


Old Vinyl: In April you released your EP “Refuge”. Please tell us more about it. Was there a concept behind the whole EP, a certain topic / theme, that holds all the songs together?

Charlotte Jane: I’d say the whole project is pretty tied together by self-awareness, the ups and downs of falling in love for the first time and trying to protect my mental health amongst it all. The five songs really represent my overall personal growth over the last few years.

Old Vinyl: When did you realize that you want to be a musician? Were there any major influences in your early life?

Charlotte Jane: I think the official realisation that I wanted this to be my job… or that this even could be my job came a lot later on than when I just knew I love singing and wanted to do it all the time. I was probably 14 or 15 when I consciously started trying to make a career out of music but I was surrounded by music growing up. My grandparents performing soul music throughout my childhood and my Aunty taking me to festivals to see incredible musicians definitely played a huge part in influencing my path in life.


Old Vinyl: It might be a tough question, but: Which song means the most to your or is the most important to you and why?

Charlotte Jane: By another artist, it would probably be Until You Come Back To Me - Aretha Franklin. It’s just one of my favourite songs and gets me in the feels every single time. The song of my own that means the most is ‘All My Life’. I wrote it for my nephew when his life was in the balance and is just incredibly special to me and my whole family for multiple reasons.

Foto: (c) Lennon Gregory | @lennon_gregory
Foto: (c) Lennon Gregory | @lennon_gregory

Old Vinyl: Describe your music in three words please!

Charlotte Jane: Honest. Emotive. Reflective.


Old Vinyl: Which instrument would you like to be able to play and why?

Charlotte Jane: I really just wanna be one of those people who can play everything haha, I’m so jealous of those musicians. But if I had to choose I’d say drums. I’m so annoyed that I didn’t take drum lessons as a kid.


Old Vinyl: What are some of your personal favorite artists / bands?

Charlotte Jane: Whenever I get asked this question I could literally write a book with the number of artists I love so instead I’ll say some of the artists that I’m particularly into at the moment: Yebba, Jazmine Sullivan, Matilda Mann and holy shit I just listened to the title track ‘Happier Than Ever’ off Billie Eilish’s new album and I am shook. One of the best things I’ve ever heard!

Old Vinyl: What do you wish for (music-wise) for the rest of the year?

Charlotte Jane: Well I hope that people love the rest of the stuff I’ve got lined up for release and I really hope that I can get on the road to do a headline tour ASAP. I’m also intrigued to see what else I write this year!


Old Vinyl: A last message to our readers?

Charlotte Jane: If you’ve stuck around long enough to be reading this answer then thanks so much for being interested in what I have to say! Come say hi on my Instagram haha and take care x x x


Old Vinyl: Last but not least we have a creative task for you. Please draw what makes you happy!

Zeichnung von Charlotte Jane: "What makes you happy?"
Zeichnung von Charlotte Jane: "What makes you happy?"