"The Beatles is my 'growing up music'"

Royal Republic waren zu Gast im Münchner "Backstage". Wir haben Sänger Adam zum Interview getroffen.

Foto: Sarah
Foto: Sarah

Describe Royal Republic with three words!

Adam: Why not... Cheese Nacho Baby!


What are your favorite lyrics from one of your own songs?

Adam: I like the silly lyrics, but I also like the other side of it as well. Like „Follow The Sun“ and „Any Given Sunday“. It depends very much on my mood. I like all kinds of lyrics though. Like lyrics that make no sense and lyrics that are very clear. I think from this record it has to be „Walk“. I fought for „Walk“ from day 1. No one else liked it and nobody wanted it to be on the record except for me and I just fought for it and now it's on the record and even on the tour!


What's your favorite song to play live – and why?

Adam: I like starting the concert. So „When I See Your Dance With Another“ feels really cool. No matter what kind of evening we're having, like if we're tired or sick or pumped up; or if it's Friday or Monday. It always feels good to start the show!


You're going to play several festivals in the USA in May. How does it feel like to play in the states for the first time?

Adam: Well, nobody in Sweden cares about that we played 3,500 people in Berlin and 4,000 in Cologne. But as soon as you say „We're playing 100 people in New York“ people go „Oh my god, New York, that's exciting!“. It has this certain vibe to people. A lot of people think „Wow, United States, that's cool!“. I don't think that. I mean I don't think it's bad at all, but I don't see the difference between Berlin or London or Paris or Stockholm – or New York; they're all great cities! It's gonna be great going there but I'm not an „America-Maniac“ - let's put it like that!


What are you thankful for as a band?

Adam: Getting to do what we do! Not everybody gets to pay their phone bill with playing in a band! It's pretty rare actually these days. And it's tough! We are one of those bands that started and formed after Spotify and YouTube was already out there and when people stopped buying records. And this is our job, this is our big love! It's very weird having a job that you love so much. And just like everyone else we have days where we don't wanna work and we'd rather watch Netflix and eat pizza but every time we come back on stage we realize we have the greatest job in the world! So we're thankful for everybody who lets us do this thing and comes out to our shows and buys our records!


Which show/concert will you always remember?

Adam: Well I have a terrible memory with faces and people, but I have a really good memory when it comes to concerts and venues and names of clubs we played at; and what year and which order. A very memorable one was the first time we played a headline show in Cologne. It was the first sold-out little concert that we had. We came back from MC Donald's where we had our dinner and there was like a 200 meter long line on the sidewalk outside of the club. We were like „What's going on? This can't be for us. There has to be a bigger event around the corner.“ And as we were walking by people started cheering and clapping and we were like „Oh wow! That's awesome!“. It was a really cool feeling. I remember walking off stage this evening and me and Hannes looked at each other like „It's gonna be alright!“. I think it was in 2010, long time ago.


If you had to live on a desert island and you were only allowed to take one album/record with you – which one would that be?

Adam: That's a hard question. Well, The Beatles is my „growing up music“, but you gotta choose something that doesn't drive you insane after listening to it over and over again, which is probably any album. So.. I'd say.. Louis Armstrong's „Greatest Hits“!


Which super-power would you like to have?

Adam: I have this question a lot of times and not only in interviews. You always think about it for the longest time and then you go like „this!“ but you never remember what you answered. But.. flying sounds really cool!


Choose one:

Beer or Whiskey?


Sweet popcorn or salty popcorn?

Salty popcorn!

Living in the mountains or living at the beach?

Living at the beach!

Festival or small club show?



If you had to write your own autobiography – what would the title be?

Adam: The Weekend Man Diaries!


What's your favorite thing about Germany?

Adam: There are so many things I like. First of all, I followed Bayern München and the Bundesliga since I was about 12 years old. I do like the food a lot. I'm interested in food and cooking. A lot of it reminds me of the swedish national dishes, like meat, potatoes, sauce or different kinds of sausages and vegetables. It feels home wherever we go in Europe, but Germany is really like a second home. Munich, Cologne, Berlin or Düsseldorf – I like the feeling of being here, it feels like home.


How would you react IF....

The beer is empty and there is no more beer left...

You go on stage and the room/venue is empty...

metallica wants to record a song with you...

a fan proposes you after the show and wants to marry you...

(c) Alisa und Sarah, Februar 2017