the wildhood

Quelle: The Wildhood
Quelle: The Wildhood

The Wildhood – das sind Tom (Vocals), Joseph (Drums), Dave (Rhythm Guitar), Brad (Bass) und Antonio (Lead Guitar. die pop-punk band kommt aus niagara falls (kanada) und gründete sich mitte 2016.

Quelle: The Wildhood
Quelle: The Wildhood

How was the process of forming the band?

The band started as just a couple of us and as time went on we all started to fall into where we are now. Tony was the one who pretty much reached out, knew he wanted to start a band, and brought a bunch of us together and it clicked really well.


Describe the band in 3 words!

Energetic, Motivated, Dedicated.


Which band would you consider your biggest musical inspiration?

This is a hard one because the 5 of us have completely different backgrounds and are all at different points in our lives, so to give it justice we have to name 5: State Champs, Blink-182, Saosin, The Story So Far, Trash Boat.



What is your dream city to play in?

We think for most of us it’d be really cool to play the West Coast of the USA. Boston and Chicago would be awesome too. But with us being from Canada we would absolutely love touring Europe!


What was your favourite show and why?

We actually just played our first show on July 9th in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada at Warehouse. It was amazing and all the bands were super cool to play with!


What’s your favourite quote from one of your own songs and why?

We really love the quote “Not dead but not alive”. This line is awesome because it does such a good job at describing the intent behind the song. It’s a middle ground where you’re just “there”. Just kind of floating between living and not and the line really gets that feeling across we think.


What can we expect from you in the next few months?

We have a lot going on right now! We’re finishing up our debut EP, we’re already writing for our next release, we’re working on music videos, our first batch of merch, and of course we are incredibly excited because we are opening for one of our favourite bands Silverstein on September 15th at Warehouse in St. Catharines, ON. We are working hard both in the studio and rehearsing to bring forward some amazing music that we think our fans are going to love.




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