Quelle: Stonefeather/Facebook
Quelle: Stonefeather/Facebook

Stonefeather ist eine US-amerikanische Rockband aus Los Angeles. Gegründet wurde die Band 2008. Mittlerweile haben die Jungs schon 6 EPs und ein Album veröffentlicht. Aktuell arbeiten sie an ihrer siebten EP, die den Namen „Feather“ tragen wird. Die Besonderheit dabei: es wird eine reine Akkustik-EP. Derzeit besteht die Band aus dem Drummer Dave und dem Gitarristen Ian.

In Los Angeles hat die Band schon unzählige Shows gespielt. Zum Beispiel im „Viper Room“, der zu den coolsten Locations L.A.'s zählt - und auch im „Roxy“. In letzter Zeit waren sie viel im Westen von Los Angeles unterwegs – vor allem in „Santa Monica“ und „Venice“. Dort spielen die Jungs in kleinen Clubs und Bars.


Wir haben dem Drummer Dave ein paar Fragen gestellt.



Who came up with the idea of the name 'Stonefeather'? Does it have any special meaning to the band?

Dave: Ian came up with the name Stonefeather. It's kind of a balance/ying yang idea. Like the balance of life, heavy and light.


Is there any artist / band you'd like to join on stage? And if yes – why?

Dave: We really like the U.K. Band Royal Blood, would love to be on tour with them. Those guys know how to rock.


Have you ever been to Germany?

Dave: I've never been to Germany, but we really wanna go! My grandmother was from the Black Forest. I also currently work at two German restaurants in Venice Beach.


Describe your band in three words!

Dave: Three words that describe our band would be 'never give up'. We've had a lot of ups and downs during our 9 years as a band but giving up is not an option for us. Gotta keep going no matter what.


If you were in charge of a big rock music festival - which 5 bands would you wanna see there and why?

Dave: We love rebelution, 311, rage against the machine, Kendrick Lamar and snoop dogg. That would be a sick concert, especially if we got to play with them :)


What are your plans for 2017?

Dave: Our plans for 2017 are to release our new EP and have a big release show in LA. We are also going to start working on our new record in 2017. We record all of our music ourselves in a studio we have in Culver City. All of our music is available for free download off our soundcloud page.




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