Living in fiction

"living in fiction" ist eine heavy alternative rock band aus l.a., usa. 2016 veröffentlichte die band ihr debütalbum "living in fiction"; seit märz 2017 ist ihre neue single "DEGENERATE" auf dem markt. wir haben dem gitarristen und sänger dan ein paar fragen gestellt.

Quelle: Living In Fiction / Facebook
Quelle: Living In Fiction / Facebook
Album: "Living In Fiction" || Quelle: Living in Fiction / Facebook
Album: "Living In Fiction" || Quelle: Living in Fiction / Facebook

When did you start making music, and how was the process of starting your band?

DAN: Stetson and I started making music together in March of 2012. I was in another band at the time, and we traveled to Salt Lake City to have Stetson produce our music. He did an amazing job, and we had such a great time that I called him a few weeks later and was like, "dude, can I please come back and hang out for another week.." I offered to sweep his floor/empty the trash at the studio so I could spend more time around the music he was creating. After that week, I drove home and wrote as many demos as i could. I kept sending them to him, hoping he would give me the "secret formula" I needed to make my songs sound better. One day, I sent him a rough draft of our song "White Lion." He called me up within ten minutes and said, "quit your job, pack a backpack and lets start a project together." My initial reaction was, "There's no way.. I can't move out of state. I can't leave my job, I'm moving into a new place, etc.." He told me to think about it. After giving it a night, I called him back and said "lets do it." I moved to Salt Lake City August 21st of 2012. We put out our cover of Maroon 5's "Animals" on September 11th 2012. In the first 24 hours of the very first thing we uploaded as a band, we amassed over 10,000 views. We knew we were on to something. So we kept writing, and kept releasing covers. I slept in Stetson's kitchen for 5 months while we worked on getting Living In Fiction established.


You collaborated with "Our Last Night" and covered, "Heavy" by Linkin Park - How was the process of making this collaboration?

DAN: It was too much fun, and so laid back. Our Last Night are the coolest group of guys, and incredibly talented individuals. We just asked them about covering "Heavy" and they were down. We sent files back and forth over the internet and had the song/video released a few days later.


Are you planning on collaborating with any other bands / artists in the future?

DAN: Yeah. We are strong believers in collaborations. We have a few collab songs that are already finished, just waiting to be released at the right time.


What are your personal favorite artists/bands?

DAN: We listen to all sorts of music. It's tough to pick a "favorite." Some days I'll have Architects cranked all the way up to 11 on my way to the studio.. Other times, I'll be jamming Ellie Goulding or The Weeknd with my windows down. Every now and then, I'll find an old song that blows my mind and I can't stop listening to it. There is so much good music available nowadays, and we are pretty well rounded with our musical taste. If the song is good, we won't deny enjoying it!


If you had to live on a desert island and you were only allowed to take one album/record with you - which one would that be?

DAN: I would never willingly agree to live on a desert island under these circumstances.. If we could only take ONE album, within a few short months we'd be playing frisbee with it. Diversity is crucial to happiness. Give us some sticks and coconuts. We'll make our own albums.


Is there any new music planned for 2017?

DAN: New music, new videos, new life planned for 2017. We are currently in the process of moving to LA. Stetson is already down there, I'm heading there in two days. We have some big surprises for you this year, so stay tuned!





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